About Hunter

Self Portrait


Hello There!

I’m Hunter Cassell. I’m a natural light photographer, born and raised in the small town of Easley, South Carolina. I love capturing the beauty that people can’t see in themselves.

A few little fun facts about me… I’m a shorty, like 5 foot tall short. I’m also a crazy cat lady with two little tabby cats that I adore, but I’m an animal lover overall and love my dog and horse just as much. I was a media arts major at the University of South Carolina, so pretty much I’m a little dangerous with photography, the moving image, and audio but a master at nothing.

I got my first camera for my birthday when I was just 16, and I’ve been addicted ever since. My favorite things about photography are seeing someone’s face light up when I show them a sneak peak and capturing a precious moment in time that will be cherished forever. Photography has never been my job; it is my passion.